British Independent Films Vs Hollywood Blockbusters


When comparing the British Independent Films with Hollywood Blockbuster the revenue of the Hollywood Blockbuster is a lot higher than British Independent Films, however, in terms of conveying meaning and getting the message across, it’s quite the opposite. These are small budget films with less known actors. Also, Independent Films have a lot of critics success and are shown at the specialty cinema or at a film festival. Films like ‘The Selfish Giant’ and ‘Kes’ has layers of meaning which can either makes the audience think and ask questions or can be enjoyed as a piece of entertainment. Furthermore, these films connect the audience to reality, plus challenge, provoke, inform and educate whereas the Hollywood Blockbusters are an escape from reality which makes the audience laugh, cry and fall in love with them and focus more on entertainment values. These are consumed by the mass audience and has a lot of commercial success. Also, the biggest motive of these films it to make money and this is possible because of the wide range of releases.


An Independent film that was appreciated by both critics and commercial audiences was “Shaun of the dead” (2004), directed by Edgar Wright and written by Simon Pegg. It was the first independent Rom-Com Horror film, plus it received Box Office success, which was quite shocking yet amazing this was the rise of independent films. The total budget of the fiIm was $4 million and total revenue was $30 million which a huge success for a British Independent film. A similar film to this is Dawn of the dead, it was a remake of the original one but this time an even bigger success with the huge box-office of $102.4 million. Although both films have same concept ‘Zombies’ they totally different from one another.


Personally, I love Shaun of the Dead because of the amazing film techniques used by Edgar Wright. There are many jumpy and exciting transitions which make the audience guess what will happen next. With the use quick cuts, slow pans and hand camera tricks in order to both fools and entertain the audience. Wright has created a film with a genre of its own which made the film very interesting and entertaining.


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